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EQUIPPED AND BETTER RESEARCH SERVICES CORPORATION (EBRSC) is a marketing research outfit established in June 1987 as a pioneer sub-contractor of Consumer Pulse Inc., now Nielsen Philippines Inc. The company was established by Ellen M. Bongabong, whose vast experience in market research dates back from 1978 when she joined Consumer Pulse Inc. She gained vital expertise in handling the different phases of qualitative and quantitative research, with particularity on data acquisition. Armed with essential tools relevant to starting a data gathering team, Ellen made the emancipation of EBRSC possible.

EQUIPPED AND BETTER RESEARCH SERVICES CORPORATION has gone a long way now. It has delivered data acquisition and recruitment services through 3,000 diverse market research studies done for the biggest manufacturing companies, media top liners, aspiring and promising start-ups in the Philippine market today. It has garnered multiple awards from different clients and organizations, including the "Vendor Achievement Award" for achieving "Overall Best Performance by A Customized Research Service Data Acquisition Vendor", which was given by NIELSEN PHILIPPINES Inc. EBRSC is also a current and active member / contributor of the Association of Market Research Operations Specialists (AMOS), which Ellen founded along with other colleagues in the industry and of which she served as the President for the year 2018, and MORES Philippines.

To date, EQUIPPED AND BETTER RESEARCH SERVICES CORPORATION takes pride in having a group of experienced and well-trained staff consisting of Project Coordinators, Field Supervisors, Group Leaders, and on-call analysts spread across several regions nationwide, who takes charge of the data acquisition, quality control, monitoring and analysis. Their dedication to their profession has been a trademark through the years.

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“Want to extend my deepest appreciation for all your help and support!” Ellen M. Bongabong, Founder, Consultant


Joshua M. Bongabong

General Manager

Shiela B. Cartaño

Finance & Administrative Manager

Sheryl P. Olasiman

Operations Manager

Belinda T. Ocray

Quality Control Manager


To efficiently provide nationwide market research services focused on quality and integrity at the least turnaround time and with the most reasonable cost.


Supporting the clients achieve growth and be at par with competitors through constant innovation of their products and services based on the accurate, relevant data and insights we provide directly from their consumers nationwide.

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